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Extra / Additional Domain


once off, and R250.00 per year thereafter.

Would you like an extra domain in addition to the registered domain for your website?

This is helpful if you wanting to run your email off an additional domain, or if your domain is easily misspelled.



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Product Description

Useful reasons to purchase an additional domain:

Email Domain – Your additional domain will need to be different than your primary website address, and so it can be shortened and used as your email domain. For example: if your domain is 20 characters long, this may be difficult and confusing for an email address. You then have the option of registering a domain with less characters (perhaps an abbreviation of your primary domain), which will allow for shorter, easier to remember and less confusing email address (i.e. – Primary website domain > – Secondary email domain).

Domain Misspelling – If your domain is misspelled often by your target audience, it is a good idea to register a second domain in the misspelled version which will forward users to the correct domain version. Example: You have the domain registered, but people often enter into their browsers. It will be beneficial to purposely register the domain which can then forward site visitors to the correct domain. People will then soon realise their mistake. Hopefully.


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